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Custom Model Issue

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Level 4
Feb 3, 2008
Hey guys I just today ran into some random problem. While I was trying to get a MS3D to import and work properly in WC3 which didn't work I got into an issue. No custom models work that normally should now.

I checked the file itself and it's been transformed from a plain looking document type file to this.


I am confused at this point so I opened it up.


This is how it looks in the properties. I tried changing the open with but it had no effect plus the icon was the same.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this so I can continue my maps?

Thanks in advance.

Also in advance I will post it in another forum just in case to see if I'll get a faster reply but please don't take offensively :gg:
Level 19
Aug 24, 2007
press change
check always run with selected application
select milkshape from list or find it with explore
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