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Creep Rebellion - Gnoll Wood

this is map which includes a fifth race to a normal warcraft III map.
the race it´s balanced like others and has new way to gain resources.
Here i explain that: they have a gold unit (only 1 allow to a gold mine) and works can get inside it to make it run faster and gain resources faster.
the wood system is also new: workers attack trees, they kill them and a treant is born from the death tree, the treant walks to your hall and then he converts himself in 10 wood units
( yeah it´s funny ).
The hall as the ability to convert those treants in warriors for you, but only some time and the ability as some cooldown.
<======Computers also play with this new race and they are good enemys========>
to make this, put the computer hadinclap in 60% and the will play with the new race

Models and Game: Blizzard & SantoRayo[iP]


Creep Rebellion - Gnoll Wood (Map)

14:24, 27th Jun 2008 Rui: A fine map. Needs balancing until it gets perfect, that'll be my review for now.




14:24, 27th Jun 2008
A fine map. Needs balancing until it gets perfect, that'll be my review for now.
Level 2
Apr 14, 2008
I tryed this out and the fifth race is balanced and Fun to play as and it seems to work perfectly and i have only found one bug which is that the dismount command for the tamed turtle didnt work but this didnt realy bother me anyway. Im not a big fan of melee maps but I still enjoyed it alot.
good work! 9/10
Level 35
Feb 5, 2009
HAHA, I played this map a LONG time ago, so it's good to see it's still popular! Well, my feedback on it would be something average, as I found some parts of the Creep Rebellion race to be very, VERY intriguing, and others to be a little bit too much of a cliche for my liking. For example, I absolutely LOVED some of the abilities you implemented, like the Kobold's Steal ability, but then there were things that simply remained the same of other races, like the Berserker Upgrade for the Gnolls.
As for the Turtle, can you plz tell me what the point of having a chance to gain an item on a kill is if you have no attack whatsoever? I personally found that very irritating, as I could see no purpose at all as to why an ability like that would be used on a unit with 2-2 damage at a slow rate.
Then there were things like the sub-races. I mean, why was there one Kobold unit when there are no others? Looking at the melee races, they have at the VERY least one unit of the race and a Hero (the Undead with their Crypt Fiends and their Crypt Lord). Personally, I would have liked to see more Kobold units if they were going to be a part of the race, or just see them cut altogether, replacing them with another unit.
Despite this criticism, the race itself was intriguing (as I have said) and although it is difficult to play with VS other races (their most powerful unit is like an Abomination: High health, but bloody easy to kill), I still think that this map is worth a look. I absolutely LOVED the way you harvest lumber (how did you do that? It's amazing!). Oh, and the one thing that I hate about any map which this map was not exempt from was the occassional bad grammar. Although I can understand plodding through the modding and making a mistake, I must urge you to read through your tooltips and such and ask yourself 'Does this make sense?' or 'Does this say what I want it to say?'. Anyway, good luck, and plz, don't make this your only map. Although it's good, it's not that good.
Level 4
Jul 29, 2008
this look interesting...the gold/lumber harvest things looks awesome!
i will comments later... after i dl


Later... this is good and weird. but there some bugs with the turtle and other stuff 3/5
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Level 2
Jan 18, 2010
i tryed out this map and its good :D 2 bugs: 1st, when the transport turtle gets mounted, theres a dismount button but it dosn't do anything. 2nd, when a mounted turtle dies, the gnoll stays floating were the turtle died (lol) fix plzalso 5/5 good job!
Level 6
Jan 15, 2010
Well, this map had new great ideas, but with bugged stuff like the turtle dismount. Ideas are cool, weirdo trees running to my base, and that gold cart was some how not in place. Loved the kobolt tunneler, too bad that he is op with other stuffs as well!
The following will explain some:
+ New ideas in map and made it funny.
+ Beside other kiddie maps which just spam races around with no point, your map was the most balanced custom melee I played to this moment!

- Even if its the best balanced custom melee map I played, your new created faction can be abused by users! Specially a blade master who sneaks around to terrorize workers!
- The map's new stuff makes almost no point in the wc3 lore!
- You had few buggy stuff!
- AI is total weirdo, can be beaten even by blizzard dummy AI!

Seems thats all I can say so far. And to make you realise what all those stuff, I present you with my melee playing vs the creep faction and revert played!

In this replay, I played vs creep faction and. I can say that the only problem discoveret was that your AI is total IDIOT, he couldnt even beat the normal blizzard AI! I started a game on LAN and put my self as referee. While watching him I discovered that you actually had 2 AI files which randomly are set! The first ai rushes with gnolls and is doing well, but the second ai is rushing to get the best technology while having a vulnariable base for fast lose vs users! Lucky I was against the army AI so the game I was playing wasnt that much easy.
Notice in hes expo how hes cart is not filled with workers and gets stuck and not working! Notice how I managed to kill hes cart at the main base! I checked the faction ... there was no cart production. How the hell we get new cart for more gold?! If I was against player and he does that to me, my economy will be completely screwed!

After you are finished with the first replay, check this one. In this replay, I totally SMASHED the orc AI!
Notice how while defending my self the AI had a giant advantage against me but lost. The reason for that is your OP HOUSES!!! Check the orc burrows and see how they are NOT FORTIFIED! Later in game they get fortified, but to then I could have all sorts of siege and other stuff. Notice how I have chosen the shredder hero, its because he got a op ability which stuns for long and does lot of dmg! To be be honest about that grenade guy - you probably play too much CS xd! Note here, how I mass only brutes and the caster gnolls instead of the poachers, its because of your UBER DPS MISTAKE! How the hell you expect this to be fair when the casters get improved weapons and armor?! Caster units in the melee game are supposed to only be support units which are not strong in auto-attack and defence! Check the rest caster units for more info. And finally dinging lvl 6, I wanted to see hes uber unit what it was like ... IT WAS OP! Notice now:
1: Flying!
2: High HP!
3: High dmg!
4: 2 abilities ... and one is a ultimate ... OMG!!!
5: I keep it for ever!
At last and the kobolt unit. I think if a good player uses few kobolts to pause the enemy's buildings for whole 30 sec, the game will be obvious! Havent tried them, so this is just what I think.
Hope I helped and you will note all this. If you need me for something, I might help more in testing.
4/5 from me!