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Creature Battle X 1.10AI

Submitted by Lord of the Korn
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
A rather short description:

A very alternate AoS map with much cool and custom stuff, try it! its worth it

Gameplay could be described as Massive fights AoS

Long Information Text
I think that i put very much efford and hard work in it and it is a shame that it is still that unknown as it is now.

My map is a very custom and alternate AoS style map supporting up to 8 players playing in 4 teams. This makes 2 players in each team. It is also possible to play with only 2 teams and then 4 players in each, but that feature is more a gamemode, which I will describe later.
In my opinion I created a very stylish and cool map, because it features many imported effects and models and the terrain and omnilight contibutes to a new, unique feeling when playing it. It looks like a better version of Warcraft 3 one might think.
In general the map looks like a cross with the headquarter of each team at the end. The main goal is to destroy all other teams via several tactical possiblities.
In the beginning you chose one very unique hero and start to creep a bit and level up. Then it is up to you wheter you buy items to make your hero stronger, buy trainers or upgrades for them or do your very own tactic.
Trainers work like blueprints. They create spawns that automatically attack the enemy's Headquarter.

But now the gamemodes.
The Domination mode creates a new goal, when your team owns more than the half of all outposts a victory timer will start running down. When this timer reaches 0 the dominating team wins the game. Overall this creates a fast and action lasting game experience
The Teammode, which I already mentioned, allows you to create 2 teams that fight each other. Currently there is no support of running Team and Domination mode, bu I will work on that.
And the last mode which is important to mention is the Tournament mode. It is designed for tournaments and is a modified version of Domination model. You get some starting money and income to increase the fun and to allow different strategies right from the beginning

Readme File

Map Title : Creature Battle X
Map Version : 1.10 AI
Author : LotK
E-mail : LotKorn@web.de
Website : www.frogz.co.nr


Game : Warcraft 3

Supported Gametype : Multiplayer
: Singleplayer
: Aeon of Strife
Gamemodes : Normal mode
: Domination mode
: Fastmode
: Chaosmode
: Team mode
: Tournament
Map Size : 1-8 : Medium Map


Contents of this Package :

optCreature Battle X 1.10 AI.w3x


Installation Instructions:

Put the .w3x file into your Downloads folder, located in
your Maps folder
e.g. C:\Games\Warcraft III\Maps\Download


Construction Time : 3 Jears

Custom Content : Textures
: Models
: Skins

Known Bugs : Share Mode glitch


Credit to Other Authors :

All other Warcraft 3 Modders, Modelers, Texturers and Programmers! Awesome Work!


Special Thanks :



PLEASE: if you have any suggestions or wishes post them here and i will see what i can do
and here a little gameplay video :p

CBX, Creature Battle X, Clan Frog, [CBX], Tournament, AoS, Aeon of Strife, Models, cool stuff, awesome items, pwnage heroes, LotK, Lord of the Korn

Creature Battle X 1.10AI (Map)