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Crash game without error message :/

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Level 21
Mar 19, 2009

I have a *** strange bug on my map Stars ( http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/r...e.php?t=124565 )

After a random time, and not at every game I hosted, the game crashed.

-The game crashes for one player only (not a general game crash)
-The crashed player appears for other like a lagger (timeout window)
-TFT screen is turned into a black window without responding at all.
-The only way, with vista, to stop this freeze is to CTRL+ALT+DEL and close Frozen Throne
-There are no error message.
-Problem appears only on Bnet, with more than one player.

What I already have checked:
-models and icons: no one is corrupted
-triggers (a lot of time :/)
-tests. It seems the crash appears even if no one is making something during the game, but not at the same moments. The strangest is that it concern only one player on the same time.

So I ask for your help, cause there are weeks I'm looking for the source of the bug, without fouding it. Has anyone already have this kind of freeze?
Level 8
Aug 23, 2007
I not sure but some things to take into consideration: Vista sucks in general and there have been lots of WC3-Vista problems, your game size? If its a huge map with max units doodads triggers custom models than that could be a problem too. And finally maybe you have another computer related issue besides the fact that Vista is crap. Lack of RAM=Lag, especially on large maps.
This can be happened by maybe a major loop and so on.
Such as GetLocalPlayer()
GetLocalPlayer() takes all the players actually. I think =D

And also maybe you have some loops that has a condition to endloop and sometimes the condition is hard to get to.


     exitwhen target != null
     call GroupEnumUnitsInRange(CheckUnit, x, y, 256, null)
     set target = FirstOfGroup(CheckUnit)

If it really can't find any units in that group, it'll continuously loop and loop.
This will cause major lagness and when it's really really lag. Those computers that are slow will be kicked out of the game.


Those are just my thoughts =D
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Probleme is I do not use Jass, but VJass. So editor without JNPG will anyway alert a lot of mistakes cause of struct, libraries, scope etc...

And a endloop would crash all players no? Here only one by one crashes :/

Dude, it doesn't matters whether you use vJASS or JASS. Its just a loop =.=
And yes, it does crashes one or more players. Its judge from the computer's speed.
Level 12
Jul 27, 2008
@Destroyer25: Vista doesn't suck, I have been using it for a year and had few problems, less than with XP.

RAM may be the source, but usually it just lags, no game shutdowns or freezes, at least not at once. May be a trigger error, my map once bugged the same way by a Create Corpse. Pretty buggy engine it seems...
I'm not talking about errors, the loop is just and ordinary loop that has a hardy condition to endloop... I'm just telling if there's any of this kinda loop in your map. If there is, that may be the causes. Yes, vJASS and syntax check.. well everything in a scope or library is counted as an error. But just take out the error stuff, nothing is going with error.

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 64
Jan 18, 2005
Sounds like one of these.
- Impropper and unsafe use of GetLocalPlayer() resulting in a local infinate loop.
- Damage PC component, resulting in an unexpected internal error while running a demanding program or game like WC3.
- Your PC falls into an infinate loop before everyone else does and by dropping actions are done to correct the infinate loop so it does not happen on other people's PCs.
- Something causes the player to be defeated and kicked back to battlenet. The map however has leaked beyond beliefe so it hangs for hours cleaning up all the leaks.

I would tend to say options 2 and 4 are most likly.
In 2's case. I had it happen when the graphic driver crashes due to a bad graphic card.
With 4's case, I had it happen with a very old 2.4 Ghz P4 PC.
Level 21
Mar 19, 2009
1-I use one, but since stars1.13; bug exist in former version=>no
2-Got an intel chipset (laptop..); but bugs appears not only for me. And I played other map which need lot of graphic power; I never had the problem. I can play to games like Hellgate London for example. So I dont think it's that.
3-Crash exist not only for me; in some games I hosted with this map, I never crashed whereas some other people have crash.=>no
4-Why not, I use a lot of timers with 0.02 or 0.03 seconds. But...I crash sometimes to, and I got a dual core 1.73 Intel.


May I send you unprotected map?

Edit: here is the protected

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