Coolest RPG, ORPG or Campaign (please look here everybody)

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Dec 28, 2008
Wrong sections.

My vote would go for Final Fantasy Rpg. It was really awesome.

The Best? My Diablo Map! lol =D

On a more serious note, TKoK is meant to be quite good :D I've played an older version, and it was excellent, I can only assume the new ones are even better :)

Which Final Fantasy? Final Fantasy 1?

and what is the full name of TKoK?

Dr Super Good

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Jan 18, 2005
FFF (Final Fantasy Forever) was very good. Problem was they made it too strict and never finished it, but it was still one of the most noticable RPGs ever for WC3.

Final Fantasy Open RPG is poor and is one of the worst RPGs ever as it is riddled with bugs, rips and imballences.

Final Fantasy Epic RPG was a good RPG and showed a lot of promis, but the make gave it to someone else to continue who was a total noob and so the map went down the plug hole. From one I would recommend, it is one I do not recommend unless you play the older versions still made by ILYAS.

COT rpgs are fun with a group of friends, but bugs and imballences make them not that recommendable for multiple play.

Heroes and Empires is a good non save RPG as it is also a RTS and a coop or PvP.

TKoK is a good RPG, hard to get used to and quite slow, still has to be one of the best ever made thou due to the ballence and detail.

You also get other minor RPGS which are fun for a few games, but never really more than 15.
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Sep 15, 2007
I <3 Chosen ones campaign story line is awsome bosses are awsome.. its simply an awsome campaign. I would also say TkoK is very good made but I think its rather boring cus of too much creeping pretty boring boss UI but the systems in it is teh shit.
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Apr 26, 2007
This Wreckage by RDZ is a must to play. Pure quality. This Wreckage - RPG - Warcraft 3 Mods, Addons, and More!

I'd also reccommend Med.MapGuy's campaigns - especially Joe's Quest and Deandra's Tale (in that order). Later you can try Mordork's Quest and Joe's Quest 1.5. They're in the campaigns folder on this site. They're all so humorous, you won't find funnier maps, I guarantee you that. The story is awesome too.

Black Company by Black_Thrall is also nice.

But first of all, This Wreckage. Go and play it, nao!