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Conflict of Domination v2.1

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Choose one of 27 heroes and fight for the Horde or the Alliance and bring it to the domination of the lands.

- Manny triggered spells


- Different Item Shops with Recipes

- Runes


- Every 6,5 minutes a 5v5 Fight in an Arena

- Game Modes:
-ap (all pick)
-ar (all random)
-rt (random tavern)
or (only right) / ol (only left)
nc (no creeps)
nd (no death)
sc (super creeps)
do (Duel off)

- Ingame Commands
-repick (choose a new hero - only first 5 minutes)
-ms (shows the movement speed of your hero)
-cs (creepstats - shows you how manny creeps you have killed/denied)
-who (shows the herolevels of all heroes)
-unstuck (ports your hero into your base over 8 seconds)

Conflict, of, Domination, Balnazzar99, Hero, Duel, Duell, AoS, Arena

Conflict of Domination v2.1 (Map)

8:49, 16th June 2009 by bounty hunter2: Type abuse, category abuse, no crediting, bad terrain, bad tooltips, no hotkeys, Rejected.




8:49, 16th June 2009 by bounty hunter2:
Type abuse, category abuse, no crediting, bad terrain, bad tooltips, no hotkeys, Rejected.
Level 12
Feb 7, 2008
I first try it then i rate it.

AFTER TRYING: Pretty decent AoS map, id vote a 4/5.
+1p: game modes are just fine.
+1p: Decent gameplay.
+1p: heroes are fine too!
+1p: the map is pretty small yet well fitting!
-1p: Abit too small if you ask me for a AoS map...
Level 6
Feb 26, 2008
To have better than 1/5 from the moderators, get a better description and maybe a storyline.

1) To inform people of the gameplay, add some screenshots from the editor, don't need ingame (at least remove the edges of the World Edit).
2) Put it in pastebin and put it there. *drum roll* => 5/5! But for now it's 2/5 :/
Level 3
Dec 6, 2008
Update: Version 2.1!

- Fortification Spell: Hotkey added, works correctly now
- Multiboard some things changed
- Spells balanced & fixed
- Items balanced
- unstuck command time stepped up to 30 seconds
- Neutral Kills at the command "-cs" fixed
- Shadow Warlock's Shadow World Spell changed and fixed
- Attribut Bonus fixed
- New hero: Light Dragon (only triggered spells!)
- New Item: Accoused Crucifix (has a passive triggered spell)
- Some translation mistakes fixed^^