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[General] Combat system

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Level 6
Jan 17, 2014
Hi hivers,

I like the combat system from the darksouls series and i'm trying to make it in my map.
For the ones who dont know the system:
Units don't have attack, but an attack button. When pressed, the unit does a standart attack in front of him. Units/objects in front of it get damage.
(You can also lock onto a unit, but thats easy to make)

Anyways, my thought proces on this is as followed:
Event1 unit uses an ability
Set unit/index/loop/counter ect.
Trigger on loop

Event 2: every 0,3 sec
For each 1 to index
Set counter
If counter = 1
Play anim
If counter = 6
Set location
Set unitgroup/destructible group
Dmg units/destructibles
If counter 8
Index -1, ect
If index = 0
Turn off trigger.


What do you guys think. Do you do this different or do you see common mistakes?

Please let me know!!
Level 15
Nov 30, 2007
I would use hold position for attack as it is instant. Hopefully you can change icon and text for that button. And I would use stop as hold position. :p

No idea what your periodic trigger is doing, but I would just damage an area in front of the hero when hold position is pressed. If you wanna create blood effects and such I would use a damage system combined with the above.

If you want some sort of delay between each attack, you just turn off or set a boolean to false until a timer expires at which point you set it to true again.

You could also add each attack command to a queue, so if you press 3 times you have 3 attacks waiting to happen. You should add a upper limit though so you don't get stuck in attack-mode. :D Maybe that is what your counter is doing?
Level 3
Nov 18, 2007
for a simple attack skill, you can use water elemental ability, you change the summoned unit to a invisible dummy and add a custom phoenix fire ability with low range.
Level 11
Jan 23, 2015
every time a player uses the attack button, play the attack animation, wait for the anim damage point and damage units infront of the unit with offset. However, you also need to check for passives just like critical, bash, evasion etc. and is the affected unit a friend or foe.
Level 24
Aug 1, 2013
Remove attacks from your units.
Create an ability (based of channel because of the base order id)
Set animation to attack.
When a unit starts the effect of that ability, deal damage in a 70-90 range of point in front of you. (100 distance towards facing angle of casting unit)
Should work fine.
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