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Color Artist Needed

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Level 25
Mar 25, 2004
I'm starting a webcomic which generally will make fun of games, movies, religion, Obama, etc. and I need a good artist who can perhaps dedicate their selves to coloring my artwork for the comic. It's rather simple. I draw the comics, shade them in, etc. and you just color over it with Photoshop to make it look more legit. The color style hasn't been entirely decided yet. I'm kind of leaning towards a sort of comic book coloring style instead of the style used in popular webcomics like Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Credits will be given and all that yadda-yadda. If you think you can do it, your test task is to color any of these drawings in my gallery:

But I'd prefer this one:

Once I get couple comic episodes finished and colored, I'm thinking of making a site for it.

PS: Didn't know if this belonged here or the Request area. Sorry for any inconveniences!
Not open for further replies.