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[Trigger] Clean up my trigger plz

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Level 8
Nov 21, 2008
Event - A unit uses and item

Coniditon - Battle Axe= Battle Axe

Action - Replace unit with troll axe thrower using old units relative mana and life.

The problem is when im in game and i use any of the items which will change trolls to the unit of the item they pickd up (staff=witchdoc, axe= axethrower)
the trolls will lose the items they carry, including the item which made them change.

I hope some1 can gimmie a new trigger which will make it so the items the troll has also stays with it.

i want it to be so u can equipt the items on an off. and at the same time keeping the trolls with the with the armor they equipted.

i did the armor triggs btw it doesnt change appearance; just adds abilities.

i just need to kno how i can keep the items and things with the trolls after there transformation.

PS: lookn for a triggerer to help me finish up the map.
Not open for further replies.