[SD/Modeling] Clean up and re-animate Severus Snape model

Level 4
Aug 16, 2019
Model by JhOtAm

So I have this old Snape model that I would like to use in my map Realm of Kings (link here) and it would be fairly good if not for some major flaws. Firstly the animations are kind of akward making him seem hunchbacked in most of them, and the way he slowly attacks with the overly huge wand is also pretty weird since he doesn't actually point it forward.

But the biggest issue is easily these "cape lumps":


The animations only worsens these as well since these parts of the cape aren't really animated and just float in space akwardly.

Finally there also seems to be some sort of lighting issue with his face in game:

If somebody with experience in these things could help fix the issues with the model and/or reanimate him it would be much appreciated.
Alternatively a new Snape model would of course also be just as appreciated, if somebody was up for that task.


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