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Choosing a Race through Dialog

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Level 22
Jun 23, 2007
Ok, so my map will have more than 4 races, so i need to use Dialog triggers to choose your race in the beginning of the map. I've seen this done before, and it looked rather nice, so i decided to give it a shot.
However, i do not know shite about what I'm doing.
Could anyone give me like a brief overview on how you would do this, or better yet, post a test map or something?
Level 13
Sep 14, 2008
Well you create a dialog per trigger:

- dialog - create trigger

then you save it in a variable e.g. "raceChoser"

Now you create the buttons for it:

- Nightelf, orc, undead, human, e.g. naga....

and save EACH one in a variable -> "butNightelf" "butOrc" ... and so on
Then you create a trigger:

Event: Button is pressed for dialog
Condition: -

IF(pressed button = "butNightelf")
-> Create nightelf starting units for triggering player (I think triggering player will work here)
IF(pressed button = "butOrc")
-> Create orc starting units for triggering player

and so on
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