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Trigger: Dialog Showing, HELP

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Level 2
Mar 9, 2008
:spell_breaker: well i was trying to add 5 more races, which include the original (Human, Orc, Undead, Nightelf) and add (Blood elf, corrupted nightelf, fel orc, draeni, and naga.) i used your "How to make a dialog" thingy, and made a dialog creating these. but after a while i decided it would be more efficent to make it so instead of a dialog full of all the races (which i already accomplised), i make it so it shows 4 smaller lists. for example i change "Night elf" the just "Elf" and then after you get on it gives you a choice of "Night Elf", "Corrupted Night Elf", and "Blood Elf".

So my question is, How do i make it so my "Elf" dialog only shows to people who chose the elf race at the begining

Basically how do i show a dialog to a specific race rather than a specific player? Thank You.
Level 26
Nov 19, 2007
When the player selects the Elf dialog, instead of setting their race, create a new dialog. In this dialog, have a choice of the 3 elf races that when clicked, create those starting units.

E.g When a player selects a dialog other than Elf, create their starting units of the selected race
If the selected race is Elf, create a second dialog listing the 3 choices, and when one of those is clicked, create those starting units.
Level 13
Nov 4, 2006
you could also use a race comparison trigger eg:
event: time elapsed is 3 sec
action: if race of player one equal to nightelf(or elf in your case) then show elf dialog

problem is that you would need an if action for every race and this trigger for every player, its just another possibility to do it, but ike ike's dialog will work too, choose what you like
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