Chimera (2).BLP

My first skin.
I have rebuilded Chimera skin to make it looks like a BIT like Naga or
other dragon. Chimera old skin was too dark and had a lot of
black areas. This one painted almost everywhere.
Skin made by combining a lot of diferent segments without using same.
If someone use this skin, give a credit (plz dont forget). Thank You.

-Recolored some parts
-Added Some Shadings

-Added MORE shadings
-A bit darkened head

-Removed ears

NOTE: Some people ask me to make it more like naga by puting eyes at other place,
making nose holes ( :] ) smaller. I tryed some variations and all was totaly BAD. So I desire to do not change eye position.


Chimera, Green, Dragon, TwinHead, Flying, Unit

TwinHead Dragon (Texture)

12:08, 23rd Oct 2009 67chrome: I'd like to see the face re-made, this model really has a forgiving face wrap to work with that would allow the eyes and nose to be placed wherever. Other than that the work with the scales is very nice, and this skin...




12:08, 23rd Oct 2009
67chrome: I'd like to see the face re-made, this model really has a forgiving face wrap to work with that would allow the eyes and nose to be placed wherever. Other than that the work with the scales is very nice, and this skin has an adequate amount of shading as well :)
Level 37
Jan 10, 2009
I'd like to see some more color variation, right now this skin is incredibly monochromatic. Make the belly a different color, as well as the inside of the wings.
The skin could also use some more shading. Most skins in WC3 generally have spectacular lighting, or have an intense difference between shaded and highlighted parts of the skin. This skin rely doesn't have much shading.
The color of the eyes and especially the tongue should be changed.
You should also change the teeth, eye, ear, and mouth a bit so you can say you did 100% of this skin freehand. You've done enough of it yourself that you should really finish the rest yourself :)

But for now, add more colors in the skin. try using more unsaturated colors as well, it would probably suit this skin better. You also need to add more shading.
Level 37
Jan 10, 2009
It looks better now, but still seems sort of bland. With how the alphed parts look I'm assuming you are not using Photoshop, but there might still be the tools I'll recommend to use in the program you are using to create this. It looks as though you used burn and dodge to add shading and highlights, those tools altar the saturation of whatever they are used on. In Photoshop there is a setting for the brush tool called "color", which just changes the hue and saturation of everything it is used over (ie if used over the scales it will change their saturation back to the same levels it should be, while retaining the shading and texture). Using this tool with a blend setting and/or low opacity will also allow you to easily apply other color variations to the skin as well, I'd recommend adding a few different shades of green to the skin to make it more dynamic and interesting.

As for the eyes, they are the same shape and in the same place as the original chimera skin, regardless of weather you applied color over them or not. With the chimera's wrap, you can put the eyes anywhere on the entire head and have them still work out. With the tendency for eyes to be further forward on most Naga units, I would recommend moving the eyes closer to the front of the face as well. And for the Naga-ness of this skin, the Naga race includes essentially everything in the Sunken Ruins tileset, so whatever tropical colors you choose should fit the theme, the only color choice I would advise to stay away from is the Naga Siren's color - over half of the Naga skins on this site use those colors XD.

Anyways, I would still like to see a little more shading, change the eyes, and play with the coloration a bit. See if you can find a brush that changes the hue and saturation for you, it is much easier than resorting to changing the hue and saturation of the skin with selecting chunks of it and using functions from a drop-down menu ;)
67chrome, :O what a big comment
I use one old photoshop and it dont have "color" tool.
Also I dont know English well, so hue and saturation are new for me.
I tryed to find Photoshop SC, but fail.
I am afraid this skill will be rejected.

EDIT: God Damn it! What color shud dragon be???
I am not making exotic bird. It is fury rushed dragon.
Playing with colors I got this:


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the whole skin might just pass IF:

1 You put some shadows
2 You put some highlights
3 You tone down the skin
4 You introduce one more color

NO HightLight at dragon skin, he is not metal or glass.
Tone down? :confused:
It is a lot of colors just variations of green used more.

I am :confused::confused::confused: a lot.
I dont understand what color dragon must have and most CONFUZING is
what i dont know how to change his color without REPAINT whole skin.
EDIT: Now I understand why noone made chimeras skins.
EDIT 2: One more color variation.


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Updated! Making shadings for this skin is kinda hard.
Blizzard skin have a lot of black areas. Also model body parts use much times same
skin region. Example: Neck used for winds, tail, neck. Upper and lower body have same
skin region too. Shading under winds is nesezery (imo) and part of it is visible at upped
body and this is not such nice :( . Blizzard used black area theare. I think this shades will
not ruin the whole skin.

I still thinking about adding more colors. but I have fealing what by doing this skin will
stop looking serius. Working...