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Chicken Farm

A 3d model of the good old wc2 human farm. Team color and portrait are included. This is a special model for me becouse I made all the textures for it using photoshop instead of colecting them from the internet.
Enjoy !

Chickens are now added

wc2, warcraft, farm, chicken, chicken farm, building, human

Chicken Farm (Model)

09:33, 12th Apr 2008 General Frank: Model works fine and performs okay ingame.




09:33, 12th Apr 2008
General Frank:

Model works fine and performs okay ingame.
hmm.. nobody seems to be on when i am. time difference probably...
anyways pretty cool model. i never played WC2 but.
three things tho.
the death animation is funny. bit weird
secondly you could have done with ingame model thus making the file size smaller.
of course that doesnt really matter because you wanted it to look good-ole WC2 way.
thirdly, for a chicken farm, it lacks chicken. if you add a simple animated chicken, it will probably over-ride those two problems above because its a great model right now.
Level 34
Jul 4, 2007
i dont think you need that much skill to animate a chicken. just make a solid one piece chicken with no moving parts. then have it move around and bob up and down once a while.
and also maybe a unanimated trough with water

Well if it aint like that stable house model with the floating stationairy horses..
Level 4
Dec 15, 2007
You can also just put chickens there yourself, by putting out that farm with no collusion, or ground thingys, so you can simply place out chicken units behind that fence and block the house good with invisible pathing blockers.
Level 8
Jul 24, 2007
The only thing you need to fix is the death animation.When it destroy it doesn't disappear.
It appear its stand animation with no use until 2 or less minute it disappear.
That all you need to fix.
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