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I decided to make more attachments in the near future and the first that came to my mind was a cheap, standardly used bow. Just a simple bow that fits models with the size of the Nightelf Archer. This model has the same features as my Elven Ranger Bowmodel: no rope (again) in the attachment version, so that the model that uses this bow (in Warcraft 3 World Editor) should have an animated rope but not a bow from itself (example: for attaching this bow properly to the Nightelf Archer, remove in MDLVIS or other handy program the bow, but leave the rope, import the "new" archer and the bow and attach the bow with triggers in World Editor to her).

This is the cheapest bow. Most archers of every fraction use this weapon. It's cheaply made and easy to handle, but still strong enough to cause serious damage, especially against unarmored targets. The main drawbacks are that its range is much more limited than the range of most other bows and the penetration power is also not so good, but it's still a quite reliable weapon, especially for city guards where long range firing is either difficul or impossible due to the danger of accidently hitting innocent people. Additionally, there are often many sight limiting things in cities that make long range shooting hard and bothersome. The bow doesn't realy give any special attribute bonus to the wielder, but it's easy to get hold off and easy to handle, making it a good standard arm and beack up equipment.

by downloading this ressource you receive 2 models: the actual model is the attachment version and the portrait file. The portrait file (should be named ''CheapStandardBowItem_portrait'' or so) isn't a real portrait, it's just the item version for it. It should be imported as ElvenRangerBowItem.mdx, not with the ending _portrait.mdx.

Feel free to use both models in any imaginable way, including editing, if desired. No need to ask me for permission. Have fun with them! :wink:

bow, cheap bow, wooden bow, standard weapon, ranged, ranger, archer, archery

EDIT 1: though approved in the past, i decided to update the model so that it fits into the New Hive's rules. It now has a death anim. At the end of the death anim it disappears. I intentionally made the death anim be nearly as long as the death plus dissipate anim from heroes, so that it doesn't disappear akwardly during the wielder's death. ;)

Cheap Standard Bow (Icon)

CheapStandardBow (Model)

CheapStandardBow (Model)

Misha 20th Oct 2013 Moderator's Review: nice and useful
I'm not sure with the string it looks bigger than the actual bow. Anyways you did well :grin:
thx a lot. :ogre_haosis:
only the item has a string. The attachment doesn't as it would be inanimate if attached with a string to the model. The model going to use this must have an animated string itself. Otherwise it won't work properly. :vw_sad:
Yup, It would look better if the string got thinner.
same as above. :wink:
The item version should still have a thinner string, though, even though the attachment version doesn't have the string.

Anyway, it looks pretty neat, not entirely sure if it's worth 34KB though.

Still, it does look very good, it's nice to see someone putting real detail into crude weapons.

thx a lot :ogre_hurrhurr:

This is nice and also useful.
ty :ogre_haosis: