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Chaos Orc Berserker

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
These powerful members of the horde have been tainted into Fel Orcs. Now angrier and more resilient to pain, these orcs will smash harder then their normal selves. They would gladly charge into a city with proper defenses just to spread some chaos in the names of their demon masters. These may be far worse than even the Horde.

Do not edit or redistribute without proper permission. Give credit if you use this in your map. Thank you.

Thanks to Zerox for chopping down the file size! =D

Orc, Horde, Berserker, Chaos, Fel, Demon, Axe, grunt, big, behemoth, beastmaster, varsaigen

Chaos Orc Berserker (Model)

12:28, 8th Feb 2009 General Frank: Nah, this a way too simply and heavy.




12:28, 8th Feb 2009
General Frank:

Nah, this a way too simply and heavy.
Level 23
Jan 25, 2008
and, he feels like rejecting both models due to it's simplicity. I dunno why D: I founf a few models that were uglier than this (no offense to the modelers that made them) and were just a simple geomerge (Dragon head slapped onto a warrior's body) :/

Let's say because I and others don't trust you anymore and give a shit about your stuff?
So... an ancient grudge. D: I thought this wasn't supposed to affect how models got approved? D: