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Change Playable Map size

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Level 11
Oct 20, 2007
I have a problem here,
My map is starting by using 64x64 map size and playeble size is 52x52
But i have adding adding and adding more and more thing to the map.
there are too many thing have to place, but the map size is too small.

How should i change the map size without change the data.

[I have try for export file, but something is can't import and dunno how to handle it]
like sound editor, player force, map interface*, Map constant*



Level 5
Aug 1, 2008
Scenerio -> Map Description -> The "Size and Camera Bounds" tab
This can't make your map to 129-25 whatever
But can make your map to 64x64
But I don't think it's possible tho(Don't take my word for it xD) I just don't thing it is
Level 3
Sep 13, 2008
Increasing map size:
1. Open the World Editor and your map.
2. Select the menu "Scenario" and press "Size and Camera Bounds".
3. Check-mark the box "Modify Map Bounds" then use the arrow buttons to expand your map.
Note: The map must be multiples of 32

Copying Destructible/Doodads to a new map:
1. Export and import all Destructible/Doodads data.
2. Open old map.
3. Under the layer menu "Doodads".
4. Hold "Ctrl" and press "a" (selects all doodads). Let go of the keys.
5. Again, hold "Ctrl" and press "c" to copy them. Let go.
6. Open new map, and press "Ctrl" and "v" to paste them.
Note: you may have to try pasting a few times to get them in the right place. Try moving where your pasting them.
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