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Champions Arena

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Level 9
Jun 4, 2007
Created by JULIANO - 20_Deitar

Mighty heroes from all over Azeroth come to this arena to prove themselves with their combat and magic, however, once in, their only choice is to fight until the end against huge hordes of warrior creatures, they must act as a team and use their spells to survive along with the fighting.

Map Information:

Champions Arena is a 10 players arena survival type of map that is currently on its initial stages, started the project while I gathered some ideas playing online in Garena, however I still need feedback and suggestions to improve the gameplay.
The main objective consists in using your hero to survive in the arena agains waves of creeps that come from the sides, teamwork is required although it is playable in single player,you must make good use of your hero skills and prepare yourself properly before each round.


  1. Choose one from nine custom heros in the tavern
  2. Prepare yourself with 3 shops that sell consumables and items that can be combined into stronger versions
  3. When all players are ready, enter the teleport to leave the shop zone and to teleport everyone to the arena to fight
  4. Survive 20 waves of creeps
  5. Every 5 rounds the fifth is a boss battle, this version has 4 bosses
  6. Each hero has at least 2 triggered spells or customized
  7. Whenever you end a round you will return to the shop zone where you can prepare again for the next round
  8. If you die during battle, you will be revived only in the next round, however if everyone dies, you will lose a life(lumber) and will have to try the same round again
  9. If you have no lumber and die, you will be defeated!
  10. If you manage to beat the game by finishing all rounds, the arena will turn into a PVP arena and you will fight other players

Help Needed!
I created this thread mainly to get suggestions and feedbacks on my project, since in the main map page people aren't giving much comments lately, and by creating this thread, everything can get more organized and people can show their ideas properly.
Mainly what I need now is:
Bug reporting
Reviews about gameplay
Ideas for heros and items
Reports about imbalancing

Of course I will spread some +rep to those who help in these needs, and can review your map if asked, I'm really needing some comments.















Thanks to:

  1. Callahan - many special effect models
  2. Paladon - knockback system and template
  3. f0rsAk3n - omnislash spell
  4. redscores - multishot spell
  5. Diablo-dk - item recipe system
  6. Mr. Zero - item stacking system
  7. rmx - wild axes (double throw) spell
  8. JetFangInferno - special effect models
  9. -Kobas- - this map description template
  10. Freakazoid - damage floating text system (tweaked by me)
  11. BloodSoul - soulsteal spell
  12. narogog - air strike spell
  13. NFWar - rocket spell
Level 12
Oct 7, 2010
Ain't the Grand Cross skill is from the crusader or something like that in the Ragnarok Online? :xxd:

The map seems to have potential, but lately i'm kinda busy. I will try to give a review asap though.
Level 12
Oct 7, 2010
EDIT: Looks like i tested an older version. If i pointed out something that has been changed in latest version, then don't mind that point.

Here's the review:
  • The multiboard and chat border is changed. Pretty suitable.
  • Gameplay quite unique.

  • Lacks of single player playability.
  • Needs more interesting to spice the game up.

Below is the things that can be improved for your map.
p/s: It a bit long.

The Heros text in the team name at the lobby should be changed to Heroes.
Loading Screen Title & Loading Screen Subtitle


Champions Arena


JULIANO - 20_Deitar presents

Champions Arena v3

The description of the game
Original: to prove themselves with their combat and magic
Suggested: to prove themselves worthy through combats and magics

Original: to survive along with the fighting
Suggested: to survive the wrath of the creatures
Every heroes tooltip at the tavern
Perhaps you should change some of the can into able to so that the word can won't be repeatitive.
Berserker tooltip at the tavern
typo: tecniques
correct: techniques
Death Knight tooltip at the tavern
original: specialist
more suitable: specialized
Wizard tooltip at the tavern
typo: mistical
correct: mystical

original: at the frost magic
suggested: in the frost magics

original: specialist
more suitable: specialized
Name of Hero (Mechanician)
Do you purposely make the name like that? coz there's not really the word Mechanician in english. If the name isn't purposely intented to be Mechanician, I recommend some other names.
  • Mechanic
  • Technician
  • Engineer
  • Explosive Specialist
Item tooltip at the Blacksmith
There's a typo in the tooltip of the item Claw.
typo: strenght
correct: strength
Item tooltips
You should state the maximum amount of each of the items' upgrades.
Ability Problem
The Berserker's 3rd skill (Critical hit) don't have stated that it have ministuns. but when I critical hit a unit, the unit is stunned for around 1 second.
When i upgrade the Shield II, it needs to purchase 2 shields instead of 1 to upgrade it into Shield III.
Fog of war
It would be better if you disable the visibility of the arena when the heroes are at the Safe Zone and disable visibility of the Safe Zone when the heroes are in the arena.
You should clean the arena by removing the decaying corpses of the previous round when the heroes enter the arena again in a new round. I think it is triggerable. If that is not possible, then nevermind.
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Level 9
Jun 4, 2007
Thanks a lot for the review, now I fixed most of the typos you've shown, changed the Mechanician name lol.

As for the items, they say how they are upgraded at the tooltip, and if they are combinable.The system on basic items is like this:
Item + Item = Item II
Item II + Item II = Item III
So you would have to buy another shield to upgrade.

For the critical strike, I changed the ability, for now its Bladestorm but might be changed

I don't know why the fog should be added, but I might lock the camera bounds to the safe zone/arena as game goes on.

For the corpses, I don't think its needed, because it even helps death knights on the beggining of the next rounds, however I will reduce the decaying time for them.
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