Centaur\Tauren models for my project.

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Apr 18, 2008
Hello, debode's here!

I need a few models...

Intro:My name is Debode, and i am a beginner modeler and a map maker.

Project: My project is the Hoof of Destiny campaign, that is just started. you can see more details in here. The story of the project:

"It was in the age of terror... Jaun Plainrunner had pushed us his enemies towards the eastern border, he sought to rid himself of that which had scourged his lands for generations. His enemies were nothing more or less than the ancient Centaur, half-humanoid and half horse, these creatures have raided the Tauren, killing their young and slaughtered pregnant women, cut offood and water supplied and even worse, made war upon the Tauren, threatening the very security and future of the race itself. But now, with new powers, and with all the tribes united, the chieftain of the Tauren would stop at nothing to win this war, only one certain enemy stopped him from crushing his foe directly... The centaur khan Khag'Zhan who was a brilliant strategist when it came to war, but was also the most fearsome warrior upon the planes. The khans oldest son, Tubb'Jeg was to lead a band of guerrilla warriors to a Tauren camp but were caught in an ambush and were taken captive by the Tauren, this is were our story begins.
Little does the son know that the fate upon the future of his and his arch-enemy's race's future will rest upon his shoulders one day and that he shall unite with those that he would refer to as his most hated enemies...


* Name: Tauren\Centaur models.
* Type:8 Units and two hero's.
* Details: The Centaur models are the following:

  1. Centaur War Chieftain: Based on centaur(melle).Hero model. Should have dissipate and hero glow\weapon glow. Not royal-looking like the khan, wearing heavy armor, and using an heavy maul as a weapon.
  2. Centaur Marksman: Based on centaur(ranged).Uses an heavy crossbow with 3 arrows, and hard leather armor.
  3. Centaur Beast Slayer: Based on centaur(ranged).Should wear an even heavier crossbow, made of metal, with 5 arrows, and dragon hide(bronze dragon texture) leather armor.
  4. Centaur Knight: Based on centaur(melle).Wears heavy metal outfit and an axe(probably rexxars axe), and got a helmet.
  5. Centaur Hero: Based on centaur(melle).Wears heavy armor with demolisher texture, and bronze dragon half-head on his head as a hat.

The hat of the centaur knights should be a half-head of a thunder-lizard. None of the units are hero's, except the warlord. They all should have basic centaur anims.

Tauren Models:

  1. Tauren Warlord: Based on Tauren. Hero model. Should have dissipate and hero glow\weapon glow. Not ''royal-looking'' as the tauren chieftain. Wears iron armor and uses an heavy wooden totem as a weapon.
  2. Tauren Spirit Caller: Based on Spirit Walker. Wears leather armor, with an closed lantern as his ''weapon''. Lantern should have an ''light source''(light particle; like in the torch doodad and such.).
  3. Tauren Soul Keeper: Based on Spirit Walker.Wears an kodo leather armor. Uses an wooden wand as his weapon.
  4. Tauren Destroyer: Based on tauren. Wears an half-metal half-leather armor, and uses an stell totem as a weapon. Got an iron helmet(barbaric looking helm).
  5. Tauren Berserker: Based on Tauren. Uses an spiked,blue iron colored, totem. Wears an steel outfit and got a helmet made of bone(probably dragon\centaur\tauren skull).
None of the units are hero's, except the warlord. They all should have basic tauren\spirit walker anims.

Thats all for now. ANY of the models can use custom textures\skins.

Images: None for now.
Level 34
May 1, 2008
Hey, I made a skin and icon for ''Tauren Soul Keeper'', tell me if it's good or should I change anything.

View attachment TaurenSoulKeeper.blp
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