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Hey there,

this is a testament to the fact that people should really stick to their fields. but for real, I couldn't find anything appropriate for an ability I wanted so I drew this. It came out somewhat decent (I may be overly optimistic), so I decided to upload it and see if it might be useful to someone (and somehow pass moderation).

it depicts an ambiguous warcraft person (race is really up for interpretation) carrying someone else on his shoulders and not being too happy about it. I'm using it for an ability that's theme is - a player getting "carried" by his allies.

Edit: big thanks to @PeeKay who's professional guidance helped me improve this icon greatly (and taught me a lot)

keywords: orc, human, ogre, carry, shoulders, capitalism, social injustice, bad ally, taking advantage, exploitation.

CarriedV2 (Icon)



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Jan 12, 2010
Icon doesn't work. Its a mess of pale colors without contrasts and highlights.

1. Make black or dark background.
2. Fill your shapes with flat colours.
3. Using selection tool shape your light areas and make it brighter
4. Using selection tool shape your dark areas and make it darker
5. Using brush tool add light highlight at the edge of light shape
6. Using brush tool add a _light_ highlight at the edge of your _dark_ shape.
7. Reupload your icon.