Can't Play My Map

Level 3
Apr 27, 2008
I was using WEU so i could make a 480x480 map, and when i went to test map, it just opened frozen throne, not the map, so i go through custom games, and find my map, and there are no players (Player 1 Undead Red etc...) so i hit play game, and the chains and menu goes up and comes crashing down, how do i fix this, do i have to start over? any help is appreciated
Level 8
Jan 8, 2008
Woops I thought it was NEWgen not WEU xD, yes it supports 480x480, it can have more then the normal tile sets and you can also pick if you can build on, walk on, or fly over terrain [i.e its pretty awesome ;P] use Newgen cause its basicly WEU, with more features and it doesnt stuff up ^^.
Level 15
Aug 11, 2009
WEU is an outdated program as mentioned above, so you MUST avoid to use it in your maps.Use Newgen, it has almost as much as WEU can offer you, without the risk to ruin your map.

WEU messes around with your map triggers as well as it adds some functions that are not supported by the newest patches.

I got some weird errors with it, like i couldn't even open my map to edit it again cause the functions inside it didn't existed.

If you have any back-ups of your map you're lucky, if not then...better start re-making the map.

The only thing you can do to help yourself with the map is to force open it and delete all of its triggers.