[Unsolved] cannot return to lobby after "mimimzing" lobby

Level 3
Jul 9, 2012
So when I create game, and then "minimize" the lobby (NOT the whole game). In some cases (I'm not sure what triggers it) I cannot return to the lobby.

In that case it looks like this:

When I try to click on the map name at the top, I just get the map info screen for the map I'm in instead of returning to the lobby. Waiting doesn't fix the issue. (I chatted with other users for at least 5 minutes trying to fix this, and it didn't change during that time).

When the bug doesn't happen, the ui looks like this (note the return to lobby button at the top, its not there in the first shot):

edit: it appears that I'm not the only one:



others are reporting the same issue.

- copy of a post from battle.net forms

Yes, I've tried googling this issue.

Is this a bug on my end or on blizzard's end?