Can i get a hand

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Jul 19, 2011
well.. i had an account but forgot the password and email.. sooooo

I get me a reason to go back on and couldnt log on.. Made a new account and here i am for my sole porpose of...

I have started a map and i require the gnoll model, my first idea was to add/remove geosets and edit textures myself but that simply didnt work with that model :vw_unimpressed:

I had next tried editing vertexes within the model.. but the programs that used for such porposes dont like Win 7... so i am requesting a Gnoll model without any Weapons/Shelds as im attaching items to them ingame through triggers..
i dont care wether they are the ingame moldels without weapons or a new custom unit.. it will still be appreciated.. thanks you XD
Not open for further replies.