Campaign editor help

Level 10
Jan 28, 2009
Hi. I have read the tutorials about the campaign editor at Hive Workshop. Still, after trying to follow the instructions, I find that something isn't working for me, the way it should - or the way that I'd like it to work, in order to have a good flow.

I named it, added a pretty blank map to it, imported a pile of files, and saved it. Then I went to edit the blank map that I'd added, and started terraining, creating custom doodads, removed the Melee game trigger, and saved the map.
Then when I tested it from the File menu in WE, I get a blank map with a Town Hall and 5 Peasants. Where are all my changes???
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Level 5
Apr 8, 2006
Hmm, try the following steps.

1). Go to Campaign Editor - Loading Screens and assign a button for the map you have added to the campaign.

2). Make sure that you test campaigns within the game itself, as testing from the World Editor will not load any custom campaign doodads/models/items etc...

3). Make sure that when you edit the map you go to Campaign Editor - Then, right click the map name and press 'edit map' as you may have loaded up the original map and edited that, then saved the campaign file as when you add a map to a campaign you cannot access that map seperately without opening it through it's campaign.

If it still doesnt work I'll take a look at it if you want.