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Burning Raven

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
path: units\human\phoenix\phoenix2.blp

the white u see is used to remove team color dont whine please.

Burning Raven (Texture)

THE_END: No BLP file present
Level 11
Aug 4, 2004
Well that was mean GreyArchon...I hope that was sarcasm because he said he didn't have time...anyway about the skin...it looks COOL!!! :D :D :D Keep up the good work! 5/5
Level 2
Aug 13, 2004
hmmm not exactly then me and u have our, own version of freehand lol, u see i dont understand how u can start with a blank sheet how would the game know how to essempble ur art? What i did was first open it then i drew on the oringinal pick on a size 2-4 brush. I thougth freehand is when u drew stuff :p lol sorry im retarded. I use to skin 11 months ago i seemed t oahev lost my touch [between the time i was playing ffxi] sorry for the inconviencance :cry: