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Building HP bar problem

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Level 1
Jan 17, 2010
Hi Hive,
I hope u can help me.
In the map i am working on, i have buildings, which need to "save" 3 integer-values.
One of them can be invisible to the user, I used the custom value for that, and the other two are supposed to be visible to the user at any time.
So I thought I'd just use the HP and Mana for that. The Mana isn't used for anything else and because the buildings are invulnerable at all times it doesn't matter if their HP are low or high.

The problem is that when I make any building invulnerable, its HP-bar vanishes, as well as the HP-number above the mana when you click on the building and look below the portrait.
My first question would be: How is it possible to make the game show the HP of a building, even though it's invulnerable?

My solution at the moment is to classify the building as a unit, thus showing the HP. But now I can't see the production queue when I train units in that building.
So my second queston is: How can you make a unit show a production queue?
(I am German, so I'm not rly sure if queue is the right word here, but I mean the list of units/upgrades which are produced in the building at the moment...)

If only one of the two is possible my problem is solved... :grin:
Not open for further replies.