Build Your Army

Level 6
Aug 31, 2014
Currently looking for someone to help build a map with me, you know those old build to fight maps? I would like to make something like that in the new warforged map editor but with a different feel.

Imagin this you build units send them to an area where they stay and once every wave they all spawn down the lanes, However there is no clear cut build in the way you can build the units, Have a tanky unit or have all tanky units, some support sure why not, letting you decide what happends what to do and how to counter would like this to me a 3v3v3v3v3v3v3v3 map. Need someone to help with terrien and balance i will handle the trigger work and customs heros ect, as well as testers will be needed.

Hope to be working with you soon. Thank you for taking your time in reading this. :)