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One of the humble peasants of Azeroth.

Question, why does the most bad ass looking peasant in any warcraft game, do no damage?

Part of my series of re-did Warcraft I icons

Update Log:
Version 1: Initial post
Version 2: Fixed the mouth a bit, leingthened the earlobe, re-did the hair, re-shaded the hand, re-sized the body.

As per usual, please tell me how I did.

Warcraft, Warcraft I, Warcraft 1, Human, Peasant, Villager, Worker, Woodsman, wanderer, journeyman, Azeroth, Stormwind, Bad ass.

BTNWCIPeasant (Icon)

18:10, 5th Apr 2015 Sin'dorei300: Commented. 00:19, 10th Apr 2015 Sin'dorei300: No changes made. Awaiting update.




Another nice remake :)

You could edit his mouth, you may see it is too linear and look unnatural, also due to its perspective.
About the ear, you could length it a bit to get ride of this circle looking ear.
Also, maybe do something about his hair as it has no shading, hardly differences at the moment and it looks therefore like a brown mass.
About his hand, same argument like mouth, it looks to linear, just add some colour pixels at the top to give it a more realistic feeling.
About his body, his front is too big, he looks like being fat, I recommend to look on some similar pictures, there you will see how to do the anatomy.
About the stick, well, the original icon has one as well, but with a stick he looks more like a traveller than a Peasant, but anyway.

Good job :)
His expression is a bit dumb, due(in part) to the fact that head's anatomy has some flaws.
Eye's white is stand out too much. Also, his mouth looks unnatural.
The hair lacks highlights and isn't distinguishable from the background, which also is kinda dark.
The wooden pole/staff and the hair have the same color - that's kinda boring.
I suggest u to improve the anatomy (google some ref pics, also some tutorials could help).
Rework the hair, draw some strands, atm it looks like a color blot. It needs midtones and highlights, not only dark tones/shadows.
Define better the hand and improve its shading a bit.
Change the color of the staff/pole and add some small details (add some texture on it), like wood has.
Ur icon looks a little shabby, coz the colors chosen are a little sober.
Except the face, the rest seems too dark.
U can change this using some slightly more vivid colors.
Some tutorials that can help u improve ur skills:
This tutorial focuses on anthropomorphic figures near the end but the first half teaches all sorts of things about how to get started drawing humans/humanoids. Recommended for those new to drawing!
Simple tutorial on how to draw and shade human hair.
Features of the Face
Level 21
Jul 6, 2014
I have been waiting for the next one
Good job,However:
His mouth looks weird
His ears look too circle for me

3/5 for now