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General Description:
This took me about one/ half days to finish.


General Turalyon is a famous paladin who served the Alliance army with distinction during and immediately after the Second War. He was second in command to Lord Anduin Lothar, the Supreme Allied Commander, and commanded half of the Alliance forces during the Second War while Anduin Lothar commanded the other half. During the assault on Blackrock Spire, Lord Lothar was struck down in combat with Orgrim Doomhammer.

1. 6/9/2014 - Made the eyes completely white, made it a little more cartoon-ish to resemble default/other icons.
2. 6/9/2014 - Fixed his nose and added some pupills under his eyes.

If you use this in your map, please give credits.

Turalyon, Paladin, Human, Knight, Silverhand, Uther, Apprentice, Warrior, Aduin Lothar, Commander, General, Alliance, Second War, Supreme Commander.

BTNTuralyon2 (Icon)

11:57, 10th Jun 2014 Sin'dorei300: Be careful with cheap tricks.




11:57, 10th Jun 2014
Sin'dorei300: Be careful with cheap tricks.
Backstreet Boy(s) + Divine Light?

No. It is a two layered image. The base is Arthas. I heavily edited both of layers, so that the first one comes trough to the second one and they blend together. I used some color variations and mixtures.
This icon is also inspired by Turalyon model.
Not bad, clearly an improvement over the total screenshot/CnP icons you've been uploading so far.
First, i'd like to point out that his nose looks like it took a hard hit with a metal pipe. Redoing it might be a good idea.
Second, don't use smudge tool on the finished icon, since that erases all the detail you've put into it. I'd recommend smudge only for backgrounds, lights, fires etc.
As I said, not bad, but how about you try to draw something with no base, made from scratch? Some tutorials might help you.
4/5 for the improvement.