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Ok, so... here it is. I made the hookshot / longshot from TLoZOoT (The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time). This is actually a request, but i was going to do it anyway. Before someone says i should like sharpen the blade or something, it is supposed to be like that, and i like it.
Umm, here's the picture it's based on(left) and the WIP (right):

hookshot, tlozoot, the, legend, of, zelda, ocarina, of, time, link, longshot

BTNhookshot (Icon)

23:13, 6th Sep 2010 [email protected]: Useful
Level 30
Jan 31, 2010
Hm... this looks like a rocket, not a hook to me. Besides, there were tons of hook icons lately here. But, this looks like no other. One thing - the icon blends too much with the background, please change it to some other color, or separate them a bit. Well, I might give you +rep, voting of 4/5 and approval.
Level 8
Sep 17, 2009

Um, this isn't a hook. It's just called that way because you "Hook" onto a wall. Get it?

hookshot (Short) / longshot (long).

from the Zelda stuff, you know that guy in green that looks like an elf and kills stuff, he has one of these to hook onto stuff and climb walls etc
Level 4
Dec 23, 2009
@All, exept the post above:
Well, if you think it doesn't make sense calling it a hook-shot (Which it does, since you hook onto a wall), you gotta ask yourself questions like: What do bombs do in medieval time / zelda, how can it be there's a futuristic bomb not yet created by humans in zelda, that goes forward and can go up walls (Bombchu), how can it be there's a camera (like a photocamera you use to take pictures (Pictograph)) in majoras mask, or how the fuck the people know about the buttons on your controller, then well, you'll understand that the name actually doesn't matter that much.