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The golden sword ... :D :D
Don't edit without my permission.

- More shadows
- More contrast
- Reworked the gem and handle
- Added Glow
- Tried to add a blue energy in to the blade

- Removed the "blue energy" in the mid of the blade


Gold, Golden, Sword, Ancient

BTNGoldenSword (Icon)

22:11, 13th Oct 2011 enjoy: Useful.
Level 30
Jan 31, 2010
Brilliant idea with cheap execution.
The wings of the sword blend in with the blade - I think that it would look better if you separated them, and gave the blade something that will look sharper than gold. If you are going to stick with current idea, then make the highlights of the wings and the blade more realistic, as gold tends to stretch over white highlights and dark yellow shadows. Stronger shadows over the entire icon wouldn't hurt, as well as some dodging work. The sapphire in the sword is a neat idea and you picked perfect color (blue is opposite to yellow, so it stands out the most), but it can have a glimpse of glow - either with few vanishing lines, either with soft, low opacity big brush. The handle looks plastic, try to make strokes of dark black with hard, low opacity brush to give it some texture. And finally, you should get a background with this icon. It can be a simple fading glow, or few wave-alike brush moves that can resemble connection with Naga and water, or Protos and energy.
2/5 - Lacking.

Shading of Gold


Gem Coloration


Background Example


Edit: updates are great - 3/5 is the new rating.
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