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This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
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I make this icon in other to Forest Training room in my map.

Forest, Jungle, Nature

BTNForest (Icon)

08:21, 9th Oct 2013 enjoy: Well, it's hard to see what it is, and it only has 6 downloads, so it doesn't seem very useful either. You try to find a better way to picture a forrest. Awaiting update.




08:21, 9th Oct 2013
enjoy: Well, it's hard to see what it is, and it only has 6 downloads, so it doesn't seem very useful either. You try to find a better way to picture a forrest. Awaiting update.
Level 10
Apr 18, 2009
The drawing in the big picture is beautiful and certainly looks like a jungle-like forest. However the picture suffers when sizing it down; the depth of perspective is lost, it gets blurry and much of the detail seems to be lost. It's also a bit too realistic in regards to the WarCraft style, but that's a minor issue and you should definitely stick to your style and experiment with it to make interesting icons in a way that works for you.

I'm not an artist so I don't know how improve this really. Maybe consider what will happen when resizing the picture and work in regards to that constraint when making your next big picture? Like, not adding that much detail, thinking about angles and having clear objects and such?

Anyway I really think that your artwork in that big picture is quite amazing. Hope you can find effective ways to combine your art with icon making. =)
Well, i use photoshop to draw and it's my first time to do this. :p
to be honest, it is pretty good for a first one. (althought the resize broke it)

i don't want to be a complete douche, but if you did this in photoshop you probably have the psd with you, in layers. would you mind uploading it here? so we can confirm you did it? it is a tendency for some newcomers do CnP at first, and since we don't know you yet, it would be good. hope you aren't offended with it.
Level 35
Oct 9, 2006
Well, first i think about forest, i draw the tree first, then the rock behind it, river ground then i'm in trance. i focus on the other side, draw the rock and behind it. i got bored. resize and post for acvide. ;-w
sr for my bad english.

Well then you might be able to use parts of it as icons? Hence splitting it up.
Level 28
Aug 7, 2011
Creator, I can give you a few tips about icon making.. not about drawing them hehe, I'm not good at that, but about making the file non-blurry and etc.etc.

1. After resizing your image to 64x64 icon you should Sharpen it with the Sharpen Tool (whether it will be Photoshop or Gimp, doesn't matter I believe). Around 20-40% sharpen is good.

2. Use BLPLab to convert your images to blp, not war3 viewer. War3 viewer adds a lot of blur.

3. Darken the edges a little, fix some pixels that became too sharp on the 64x64 IMAGE. Not on the huge one.

4. Don't add too much detail on the huge image, cuz it fucks up the ending result.

5. Ehm.. what else can I say... For many icons, it is good to add a little contrast from the Tools thingies or whatever it was (after resizing to 64x64).

Now for my opinion about this icon :cgrin: Man.. the right part, Amazing. The left part is a bit blurry and.. non-formed/shaped and a bit out of the scene.. and not matching the right part. Reword the left part actually :D It's really good! But focus on making 1-2 simple objects when it comes to icons.. there are only a few good Landscape icons I've seen, and they were Blizzard's achievement icons.

Overall, for a painting, this is amazing.. for an icon.. I don't know. Better try making an object or something.. like a weapon, shield.. a.. hmm. A human being blessed, or a spell being cast on some tree if you prefer Scenery stuffz.

+repppp =) I like it! Iz good.

edit: sry I gotta share to give you rep man :( URgh. Damn sharing D: