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This is the second upload of this icon. Formerly known as Gloves of Fire.
I have tried to make the hand itself more fiery by using red, orange, yellow colors and shading, instead of using a pure outlining.

The background fire has also been completely reworked, and I believe it looks better now.
Since this is a fix of the former icon it did not turn out quite as good as I had hoped, but I still think it's useful in it's current state.

Thanks a bunch to Sin'dorei300 for advice.

Update 1:
-Slightly increase the amount of background flames
-Slightly curved the tip of the thumb
-Attempt to improve the shading of the thumb and palm

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Fist, fists, hand, hands, glove, gloves, fire, flame, ignite, burn, burning

BTNFistofFire (Icon)

14:07, 14th Jul 2014 Sin'dorei300: Useful.
Level 24
Jan 25, 2011
certainly the best in those pack of fists you uploaded. the color scheme just fits well and the outer glow doesn't look like an outline. 5/5

Myo Sett said:
Rejected last icon?
However this seems gr8

No they were pending. I deleted the 4 old icons because I realized (and was told) they needed rework. Instead of fixing some stuff here and there on the icons, I decided to completely remove them.

Thanks for the comments.