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BTNFire (Alternate themes)

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This is a resource I've been working for a while and I'm quite satisfied with the end result. The themes are based on the recolors from WoW which in some cases were quite tricky to replicate. I've made an alternate color based on normal Rain of Fire Icon, because I was unsure which category Reforged version of Rain of Fire belonged to: Fire or Fel? I'm still confused whenever I look at it.

The following themes are based on:

Elemental Fire:

Blue Fire:

Fel Fire:

Twilight Fire (Twilight's Hammer):

Nightmare Fire (Emerald Nightmare):

Sha "Fire":

Enjoy ;)

BTNBlueFire (Icon)

BTNFelFire (Icon)

BTNFire (Alternate theme) (Icon)

BTNNightmareFire (Icon)

BTNShaFire (Icon)

BTNTwilightFire (Icon)