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Breath of the Dying v1.7

Breath of the Dying

Version 1.7 released:
- Remade slayer arena
- Fixed bug with Acid Spray on brown which wasn't working properly
- Fixed Song of the Siren which wasn't dispelling all buffs properly
- Replaced key of attack +20 with Kelen's Dagger of Escape
- All human heroes lost their Blink ability and gained new abilities (blink will only be possible to cast by human units and only from just added item, has 1500 range, 20 seconds cooldown and costs 150 mana - which is lot more than previous blinks, this will encourage players to obtain other supporting items to enable them gaining levels without having to blink out and with this cooldown often to lose a level)
- Talisman of Damage no longer accepts nukes, makes hero invulnerable to magic
- Essence of the Burning Hells no longer provides magic immunity
- All human tier 2 items have their start stock time extended from 10 minutes to 15
- All human tier 3 items have their stock start time extended from 20 minutes to 35
- Minimum movement speed increased to 150
- Greatly buffed slayers' mana regeneration from 15 to 2/3/4 as to str/agi/int based heroes
- All heroes start with 20 of each attributes
- Fixed Lightning Tower constantly gaining too much damage, is fixed to 1 per attack again
- Creeps no longer end up with no auras accidentally
- Cameras will be changed for all players upon beginning of the game, not right before
- Lost Soul mana amount increased to 10
- Lost Soul received new ability - Spirit Touch
- -help system has been removed and replaced with tips system which is initially enabled for everyone but can be turned off with -tipsoff
- Deadly Ward damage increased to 160
List of new Spells for Human Heroes:

Knight - Horse Kick which knocks attacker back
Shadow Priestess - Nether Swap which swaps her location with allied hero
Inquisitor - Brilliance Aura which improves mana regeneration
Hunter - Soft Run which deals extra damage on impact
Elementalist - Freezing Armor which adds cold effect to attackers
Witch - Sanctuary which teleports allied heroes to Witch
Zealot - Cluster Bomb which slows down all affected by bomb enemies
Mistress - Blade Slash as a nuke dealing extra damage
Gnome Technician - Bomb which deals extra damage on impact with the ground
Siren - Water Blow which is blowing all enemies up in the air
Firelord - Enchanted Fires which gives Firelord a chance to explode and deal damage based on his current hitpoints
Raven - Ultravision which is increasing sight during a night and also ignores terrain obstacles
Guargian - Haste which is temporarily increasing movement speed of allied hero
Templar - Sacrifice which is dealing extra damage on Templar attacks with cost of his own life
Rock Golem - Separation which is sacrificing a part of his current hitpoints to drop a block of rock that blocks path
Viking - Ocean Force which is dealing melee damage to all enemies around prmiary target
Pikeman - Forceful Field which is dealing extra magic damage around Pikeman with great costs of mana
Nomad - Blocking which reduces all incoming magic damage but greatly reduces his movement and attack speed
Dwarf Defender - Treasury which is giving Dwarf Defender a chance to instantly destroy Gold Supplier
Treant - Overgrowth which is giving Treant a chance to slow attacker's attack speed down
Storm Shaman - Static Charge which is responding with electrical force to all direct spells based on Storm Shaman hitpoints
Crusader - Aura of Prayer which is improving healing rate of all nearby allies

Probably the most advanced tag game made under Warcraft 3 platform

As in every tag map you control either a builder and protect yourself by building a base or an Ancient with your goal to kill anything that is alive. This is an ultimate Tag game turning simple building and item buying into a constant battlefiend providing lot more than just buying items and watching things happening around.

What's different here to other Tag:

- 6 Ancient Evils classes (Demon, Nerubian, Gargoyle, Werewolf, Wraith and Vampire), each with 16 unique abilities to choose from [4 nukes, 4 supports abilities, 3 exploring abilities, 4 healing abilities and one special ability]

- 21 Human heroes to choose from, each with unique abilities greatly supporting other classes

- More than 40 items for Ancient Evils and another 40 for human players, many of them with abilities themselves, ready to use to bring the glory

- Greatly organized terrain where every single aspect of building is considered and every single saved builder place is important

- Lots of useful commands, including votekicking, votefeeding, zooming terrain out and trading

- Very well triggered game, as leakless as possible, error free, clean and smooth gameplay

- Nicely explained spells, lots of details, effects targets and highlights indicating most important parts

Game Mechanics:

Primary resource for Humans is Lumber. There are no lumber jacks in the game, wood is granted by building Lumber bases which are clearly indicating for how many players base is made for (many other games lumber jack can be misused by players when they build in far too many people in one place). There is also second way of gaining lumber, a Tree of Life growing in the middle of the map, which any time attacked by builder will provide him with some lumber, however, this is a very risky way as this place is very often visited my Ancient Evils. Third way of gaining lumber is killing neutral creeps spawning around the map. Creeps grow stronger with time and after a while they will not be an easy enemy. To tech up and improve economy Humans must gather Gold which can be only done in Gold Arena, this requires having a Hero.

Primary resource of Ancient Evils is gold. This is granted periodically, is also a reward for killing enemy units and structures. There is also an income upgrade provided, to periodically provide more gold. To buy better items Ancients will require lumber, this can be acquired by killing enemy heroes and certain structures. Pretty much, Humans in order to build stronger defence are using Heroes and also by using them they risk having them killed. This is absolutely impossible for Humans to never use their heroes and just keep them in a base, as sooner or later, even with basic items Ancients will be strong enough to scar every base on their way to the victory.


Version 1.1:
- Added -help command for beginners
- Improved selection system
- Fixed few minor tooltip mistakes
- Gold deposit now respawns even if killed by neutrals
- Removed Treant left after selection is over
- Dropped selection time from 35 seconds to 15
- Builders won't be unlocked before game starts
- All human heroes will be moved back to the Resurrection Stone on game start

Version 1.2:
- Rebalanced Lycanthropy
- Further changes in selection system
- Fixed a horrible bug sending all units to Resurrection Stone
- Dropped the price of certain Ancient items

Version 1.3:
- Rebalanced Fury of the Lycan manacosts
- Further changes in selection system
- Fixed Envenomed Dart, Witch nuke
- Implemented new intelligence based hero, Siren
- Added two new researches for living players, Blink upgrade and Repair
- Remade Slayer arena
- Creeps can now be targeted by structures and spells

Version 1.4:
- Fixed critical glitch that occasionally causes game to crash or freeze during selection process

Version 1.5:
- Fixes in ultimate spells advancement
- Sprites can now carry 6 items
- Arenas damage rescaled
- Ancients now reclaim allies resources once those have left the game
- New items for living players, Invengeful Wand that reduces attack damage
- Fixed Demon healing, Hellfire blast which on Brown player was damaging all units around the map
- Fixed Lost Soul and Sprite hotkeys
- Creeps will now provide bounty when attacked by Ancients with Terror Triblade

Version 1.6:
- New Ancient, Nerubian, adept at slowing and silencing enemies!
- New Str based hero, Rock Golem
- Great fixes in cooperation between Shape Shift and Lycanthrope
- Shape Shift is now working properly
- Shape Shift is now permanent untill switched back to Werewolf form
- Builder is no longer killable by creeps
- Normal attacks no longer deal damage to creeps
- Fixes in certain solo spots that weren't providing soloing player with 40% bonus damage and his megawalls with extra inventory slot
- Deep pockets no longer cost gold to upgrade
- Lost Souls are now provided with 6 inventory slots
- All builders now spawn at random location in the middle
- Fixes in Crusader's Destinction
- Fixes in Trant's Living Armor
- Improved map hack testing code
- Fetch and Fury of the Lycan now works properly on Brown Ancient
- Fixed rare bug which occasionally was causing ancients to be granted ownership of kicked player hero
- Raven's Shadow Strike is no longer a magic damage nuke, it has it's damage increased as well as it's no longer mixable with banish
- Shadow Priestess' Blind Vision no longer Stops Ancient actions
- Dwarf Defender's Storm Bolt is now based back on original Storm Bolt ability and causes a mini-stun (due to a fact above as game will now need more counters)
- Also few minor tooltip fixes

Credits to all used resources, to all people who ever helped in making this map, or anyone who for some reason deserves, in F9 and here:

Warcraft 3:
Blize88 (First version of Vampirism Zero)
Edddek (Ideas)
Crazy_Monkeys (Ideas)
Firethirst (Help)
xX_Psychopat_Xx (Help)

Komaqtion (Massive triggering help)
TriggerHappy (Trigger disabling saving game)
NoobImbaPro, N(O.O)B, Lord Regno, Shura, Weep, Stringel, Moridin, meOme, BlackRose, vypur85, Bankde, Necrach.

Various models and skins thanks to:
Chrissx2, HappyTauren, Dionesiist, Zorga, Dan van Ohllus, General Frank, Tranquil, Elenai, Red Shift, donut3.5. Ergius, Kofi_Banan, Stanakin Skywalker, 67chrome, Norinrad, shockwave, Callahan. Mc !.

Various icons, thanks to:
Anachron, General Frank, NFWar, bigapple90, Hiruty, Kazzo, Juan_Ann, Grujah.Noob, Darkfang, Palaslayer, CRAZYRUSSIAN, KelThuzad, Mr.Goblin, Elainiel, 4eNNightmare, Mc !, Static, Juice_F, Sg0D, Paladon, aki15, Mullar, Red Shift, Big Dub, GooS, kola, Stanakin Skywalker, 67chrome, Norinrad, -Berz-, Illidan(Evil)X, tjordell, Darkwind, graystuff111, amargaard, Hellx-Magnus, Dan van Ohllus, MortAr, -JonNny.

Various effects, thanks to:
JetFangInferno, Pyritie, Daelin, GhostThruster, marcus158, Callahan, Metal_Sonic.

Have fun playing it.

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Breath of the Dying v1.7 (Map)

19:51, 10th Sep 2011 Vengeancekael: Status: Rejected List everyone here under credits. Also I suggest you use a better model for walls. And show a game message in the beginning telling you how to select a hero (double click). Contact Me...




19:51, 10th Sep 2011
Status: Rejected

List everyone here under credits.

Also I suggest you use a better model for walls. And show a game message in the beginning telling you how to select a hero (double click).

Contact Me

Update: Status: Approved
Level 4
Feb 20, 2010
From the sounds of it already, this is just another tag map....
Not advanced at all or unique as usual.

It's like saying something tastes nasty when just reading the MENU. Launch it and play once, as yes, it is lot different.
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