Bongo Bongo (Phantom Shadow Beast)

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Another boss from the N64 Zelda games! (One of my favorites)

Definitely one of the strangest and creepiest model I've created.

This one took a bit of time to finish because of school, but alas, it is finished!

In Zeldapedia, Bongo Bongo is described as a "gargantuan, invisible, and evil spirit, appearing as a one-eyed monster with disembodied hands and a black-purpleish colorization."

Mesh is made in Milkshape 3d by me, used this as an inspiration

Feel free to tell me any problems with the model :)

Anyone who wants to make a BTN/DISBTN for this model would be
appreciated :)

Thanks to @Mister_Haudrauf @Cuore @Alethos and @Kyrbi0 for helping me out big time with this model!

Give me credit if you use this model :)

Don't distribute this model without my permission please!

1.0 Uploaded
1.1 Changed the entire texture, BIG THANKS to @Alethos for redoing the texture. Added Birth and Stand - 4 animation. You can see the old one here.
1.1.1 Fixed events sounds.
1.2 Made Decay animation faster.

Bongo Bongo (Phantom Shadow Beast) (Model)

General Frank
A solid model that is inspired by Zelda lore. Works in-game and performs well. Good job.
I'm not the best at wrapping, and it does look pretty messy I have to admit.

I'll try to fix it and put some more shadow particles around the whole body maybe :)

a lot of billboarded planes with a shadowy texture ( like demon hunter's ) will give you a nicer effect than a bunch of particles. although using both in moderation might look even neater
Level 3
Mar 28, 2008
Absolutely badass model! I can only hope to see more awesome LoZ boss's. If I could make another personal request, I would choose DeadHand. I feel like this could be a simple model to develop since it has limited details. But I don't know how to model so who knows... Anyway, thank you for you work! Keep kickin' ass!