Bonechewer Grunt

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The Bonechewer clan was an orc clan named after their willingness to resort to cannibalism in times of hardship. The Bonechewers were known for ornamenting themselves with the broken bones and ruined organs of their enemies. They were well respected by the rest of the Horde and inspired fear and terror in all who beheld them in battle.

There was an issue on the shoulder, I corrected that by adding a skin for it.

Bonechewer Grunt (Model)

Icons (Icon)

Mag'har icons (Icon)

Mag'har version (Model)

Portrait (Model)

Portrait - Mag'har version (Model)

The shoulder piece is not displayed correctly in my editor.
Is there something wrong with the path "" or did I miss something?

I had issue with the shoulder too but i've corrected it. I just checked the one i put online, but for me it's good. Can you describe the problem ?
And what is your issue with the texture ? For me it works properly.
Level 3
Dec 3, 2014
Really cool Model. But i have a white Model of it in the World Editor, how can i change that? And am i able to use Green skined and Maghar both? because it seems they are named the same and i can not impoort them both with out changing the name of one and i am not sure if it will work if i change the name.