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Bolschevik units 1920s

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Red Army (Bolsheviks, Reds, RKKA) of 1920s based on models by HerrDave i Syczewski.

Bolschevik units:

- Cavalry
- Rifleman
- Conscript
- Sapper
- Sniper
- Mortar
- Officer
- Flag
- Crew
- ArmouredCar

Update 31.03.2024

Bolschevik Cavalry (Icon)

Bolschevik Cavalry (Rifle) (Model)

Bolschevik Conscript (Icon)

Bolschevik Conscript (Model)

Bolschevik Cossack Cavalry (Icon)

Bolschevik Cossack Cavalry (Lance) (Model)

Bolschevik Cossack Cavalry (Rifle) (Model)

Bolschevik Crew (Icon)

Bolschevik Crew (Model)

Bolschevik Flagbearer (Icon)

Bolschevik HMG (Icon)

Bolschevik LMG (Icon)

Bolschevik Mortar (Icon)

Bolschevik Mortar (Model)

Bolschevik Officer1 (Icon)

Bolschevik Officer2 (Model)

Bolschevik Officer2 (Icon)

Bolschevik Rifleman1 (Icon)

Bolschevik Rifleman2 (Icon)

Bolschevik Rifleman2 (Model)

Bolschevik Sapper (Icon)

Bolschevik Sapper (Model)

Bolschevik Sniper (Model)

Bolschevik Sniper (Icon)

Bolschevik ArmouredCar AKegresse (Model)

Bolschevik Cavalry (Sword) (Model)

Bolschevik Flagbearer (Model)

Bolschevik HMG (Model)

Bolschevik LMG (Model)

Bolschevik Officer1 (Model)

Bolschevik Rifleman1 (Model)

Level 3
May 8, 2020
HerrDave and Syczewski have already made soldiers models of the Russian White Army. Maybe I'll make a flag and LKM "Levis" for White and put it here.
Unfortunately, not everyone is like Drozdovtsev and Alekseetsvets and the Siberian White Army
The army of the Ukrainian People's Republic is still missing for a complete collection


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