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BOINC - Donate your computer's idle time for research!

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Just something cool I found. It donates your computer's idle time and excess memory you're not using to help with research. Supercomputers are very expensive and we have all this computer power that's going to waste. So why not do it for charity?

Yeah I know I sound like a desperate salesman.

I'm doing the project called rosetta@home, which is mapping out proteins to find causes of diseases.
Level 9
Sep 3, 2007
Nice for those who leave the computer opened at night to download porn. But I am a bit skeptical how could my tiny amount of memory help those huge computers which are incomparable in strength with mine.

It's meant for huge numbers of idle computers. Eventually all of that idle time adds up.
Level 27
May 30, 2007
I'm doing the large number factoring one.
Of course, if my computer gets the range that has the number, I wont report it, I'll use it to my own malicious intent.
At least until there's a better way.
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