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Blood Troll Cultist

Submitted by cantenatus
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Every now and then I'll stumble upon some separated fragment of WoW worldbuilding that's going to catch my interest, maybe even awe. I'm then going to do some ill, inspired daydreaming about how cool it'd be to do something about/with it, like a fan-art, WarCraft map or some other autist-artistic counter-productiveness...

This time I got inspired by Blood Troll Females kick-ass looks. I don't even know anything about them, it's just something that caught my interest when I've stumbled upon it someday. Must've been during a WorldEditor phase, as the next thing I did was look for troll females on HiveWorkshop to possibly skin for some dark and bloody aztec trolls map... This stewed on my disk for something like a year until finally I got my lazy, fat, pimpled ass to finish it.
And so I've made a simple, primitive even, reskin for models created by Cavman, and you can find the original polygons here.

Tools used are BLP Laboratory, Mdlvis and Photoshop.
I don't care about nor request any critique. Tips/hints are appreciated though, especially if they're going to point me to a way of making less blocky, seam-ridden, clipping textures.
I absolutely don't need or want to be credited, just give that Cavman guy what's his due. If you're really going to finish that map you're thinking about doing with the skin I made, good, do it, and that'll be rewarding enough for both you and me.

Original tags just for the hilarity of these:
Forest, Troll, Amani, Zul, Aman, North, Horde, female, woman, girl, boobs, yo, mon, voodoo

Blood Troll Cultist (Texture)