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Okay guys i improved my cultist skin cuz i hated the face.... so enjoy

Cultist, Evil, Demon, Hunter, illidan, gold, chain

Cultist (Texture)

THE_END: Pretty damn boss of a skin, good job
Level 1
Aug 10, 2004
very nice but i cant seem to fiure how you got rid of the blades. I'm working on model of a DH and i cant figure out how to get rid of em.
Level 1
May 30, 2004
wow this is exactly what I needed and was about to make for the swordmaster rpg! You saved me the work (I needed a cultist swordmaster). However a completely weaponless version would come in handy. The face could use a little work too. Still good enough that I won't have to make my own... I'll be sure to give credit
Level 9
Apr 5, 2008
hmm not sure if its suposed to be a "human" (pale like an acolyte or necromancer) yet it looks more like a dranei aside from the fact that he has no hooves (not all dranei have tentacles) dunno either way its really good GJ :gg: alright now comes the unfortunate time that i have to critiec it aw. well nothing is realy specificly bad but it is just all around not amazing it just needs those little details here and there. heres an example (becouse i cant seem to explain anything well and i dont realy know exactly what it is you need)

example skin