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Blood Magic(Hardcore advanced ability trigger),teach me how to do it?

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Hello dudes,we talking here about a ability called "Blood Magic".
So what is it?
Its a passive ability,that converts the mana to health,that converts the mana regeneration to health regeneration,that transfer intelligence stats to strength stats,and all abilities now uses health,not mana.
This is not all,the intelligence tome gives strength with that passive ability,and when the health of the hero reaches 1 hp,then he can't no more use the abilities.
So i mean when the ability cost him 150 hp,and he have 150 hp he can't use it.
So please teach me how to create this trigger!!!!!
Level 10
Apr 4, 2010
Thanks dude,but how do u mean its not perfect?
EDIT:Don't replay it,its seriously not perfect,and i need the perfect.
So thanks anyways maybe can this be useful for me.
If you wanted someone to make it for you, you should have posted in the request forum, my map was just giving you the idea on how to do it.
teach me how to do it?

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 63
Jan 18, 2005
Only SC2 can do this perfectly.

Otherwise you are looking at a lot of hacky imperfect work arounds. You can only cancel ability cast orders, not prevent them from being issued. You need a regeneration system to keep track of the mana regeneration on the unit so that it can be correctly transferred to life regeneration. Tomes of intelligence give intelligence but you then immediately remove it and transfer it to strength. The life and mana are straight forward and so can be transferred using some of the modify property systems available on this site (or maybe other sites). Any form of mana shield needs to be substituted with a hacky trigger solution. Mana burn needs to have a trigger work around for double damage (and the unit must be left with 1 mana to be targeted).
Level 12
May 22, 2015
Ya this will be hacky no matter how you do it in WC3. An idea that jumped to my head as a potential solution:

Object Editor:
Make a unit called "50 health" (replace 50 with requirement for the spell).
Make a unit for each amount of health that you need to cast each spell.
Make each spell require the unit that represents how much health it requires to cast.
The spell will cost 0 mana to cast.

Every 1 second (some low interval so it is checked often - could be lower to be more accurate)
---- transfer intelligence into strength ----
Add strength equal to intelligence minus 1.
Set intelligence to 1 (it can't go lower as far as I know).
---- transfer mana into health ----
Add health equal to current mana.
Set mana to 0.
---- lock / unlock spells ----
Check if the unit has health for each spell (if 51 or more health, give them a "50 health" unit - save it in a variable and do not make more than one, so also check if they already have that unit - repeat for every amount of health that unlocks a spell).
If their health is lower, then remove the "50 health" (replacing 50 with the numbers that you are checking) units.

The ability will be greyed out as though it has not been researched when the "health" unit is dead, and it will be usable when it is alive. Make the same check for the health units when the spells are cast so that you can't cast them multiple times quickly.

There are still problems - most notably, you cannot use items that have mana costs. You cannot use all the abilities with this system. Each spell with the blood magic system is stuck being only on blood magic units and each spell without the system cannot be used on those units.
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