Blood Elf Paladin "Rinassa Sunchaser"

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"Burn in Holy Fire!" ~


...Wait wrong franchise.
Edited Maiev Model, made into a Mace wielding BE Paladin.

I firstly tried to make this as Liadrin and @vindorei made a more accurate one.
So I just gave my model a different hair and hair color. Now she's Rinassa Sunchaser renowned
Blood Elven Paladin.

I may update this based on feedback.
Also as seems everyone is doing/saying it. Give credits if used on maps. Thanks! :)

"CLERIC UPDATE" = New Custom Model Version​

"...still Rinassa, but in a different mood?"​

Rinassa Sunchaser's Cleric Path​


~Added Spell Effects and slight texture change.

*Bracket emphasising the change

Texture change to accompany ORM or TeamColor file better.

~Removal of old unnecessary versions.



*Bracket emphasising the change

-Resized Mace
-Changed Left Armpad and Kneepads
-Minor Texture Changes
-Custom FaceFX file thanks to @Ardenaso for teaching me how

Rinassa Sunchaser "Cleric Path" 1.03 (Model)

Rinassa Sunchaser "Cleric Path" 1.03 Portrait (Model)

Level 10
Jun 12, 2012
This model is so nice - especially the mace: it looks stylish as any blood elven thing should be.
But the shield, from the other hand... I don't know, elven race in Reforged and Hive has so much shield-wielding units. Maybe a scroll or a light-infused crystal would work? In the end, first Blood Knights were priests.