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Fight over in a very small territory of land, allowing both opposing forces to deliver a swift demise to one another.

Suggested Players: 1v1

Lordaeron Winter

Map Size: 96x64
Passive Building Location:
Mid Tavern

Goblin Merchant
Upper Section
Guarded by: 1 G. Warden
1 G. Overseer
2 G. Assassins

Lower Section
Guarded by: 1 O. Lord
1 O. Magi
2 O. Warrior

Goldmines as seen in the map
Guarded by: 1 T. Warlord
1 T. High Priest
1 T. Beserker
*Public Release

*Changed creeps in the neutral sites
*Added plenty more doodads
*Now with Artifact Drop----Ogre Lord
*Reduced some rabbits along the way

*Changed Gnoll/Ogre creep site into pure Gnoll.
*Added more doodads.
*Changed goldmines creeps into pure trolls, changed Ogre Mauler to Troll Warlord
*Trees were fixed to prevent small units from hiding

*Calculated Map Shadows
*Added acknowledgement to myself and the Hiveworkshop

*Reset acquisition range

*Added easter egg
Created by: Ken-E
Credits: -Kobas-'s Awesome Melee Map Tutorial
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Please throw me your honest criticism in order for me to make it a better map


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melee, Frosty, Ice, Kenny, Blitzkrieg, best, 1v1, ogres, trolls, taverns, demise, kill, forces, German.

Blitzkrieg (Map)

10:32, 12th Sep 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Approved
I have downloaded your map and found out these:
1. Terrain is good 5/5 for that.
2. Placement of the neutral hostile units are well organized with those green encampments placed near the base as needed, 4/5
3. Trees are nicely placed except that there are some parts where there are space that smaller units can hide. 4/5

4. Doodads are also well placed. 4/5
5. Over-all nicely made map... 4.25/5

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Good map indeed, but it seams that all of you always made same errors.
How can Rock Golem stand near Gnoll?
Or how can Ogre stand near ice troll?

Terrain miss some environment doodads, add them near cliffs to save empty space.
Crystals, ice rocks, etc etc.

Experiment a little :)

Contact me again when you fix that and I will gladly check map again.
Oh 1 more thing, there is no artifact drop :p