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[General] Blight

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Level 14
Oct 16, 2011
I'm kinda curious on how the blight works using these abilities:
• Blight Dispel (Small, Large)
• Blight Growth (Small, Large)

From what I know, Blight Dispel dispels nearby blight when a structure is built near a blight and no nearby structure with Blight Growth.

Edit: updated question. (previous question isn't clear enough, and it looks like a lame question)
How exactly does a blight works on structure constructions?
Ex. If a structure w/ Blight Dispel (900 area) finished construction, will it dispel nearby blight within 600 area distance to it, even if the blight's source is a structure w/ Blight Growth (900 area) with a 1200 area distance to the structure w/ Blight Dispel?
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Level 9
May 21, 2014
Blight is basically a terrain deformation on corrupting surrounding environment. It can be used to detect if you can place a structure on Blight. It can also be used to customize regeneration. I think there is something with triggers too, and if so I think you can do many things with it.
Level 22
Aug 27, 2013
I think both abilities overwrite each other depends on order.
So if you already have a building with blight growth then you construct a building with blight dispel, the blight will be dispelled. If you construct another building with blight growth, the area will be blighted once again. Not really sure, though. I've tested it before but I don't remember what the result was.
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