Bleach Models

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Jan 21, 2007
Hi there! Since my and my friend's japanese campaign project had some technical problems and me and my friend are starting on different schools we have decided to put it on the desk. I will therefore start working on a Bleach map that doesn't follow the popular AoS theme. But i need models(Both units and effects), skins(if u can't make models) and icons.
To let you know what models i need: I will make a map where there are to teams: The real world and Soul Society. These two will compete in killing hollows. Therefore i need models, skins and icons for all the important characters up to around episode 60.

If you are planning on helping me, please write that and i hope that u all make great work!

Here are links to pictures of some of the characters:
Ichigo(The 2 first pics are him in normal form, the other 2 are when he has used bankai(kinda like ultimate). I would need him to have a morph effect or two models):
Ishida(That Shiny bow he has should appear in ready stance, since its made of pure magic from a crucifix that hangs around his arm.):
Hitsugaya(Should be almost half as short as the others since he is the youngest captain ever):
Kenpachi(Im sorry but i can't recall the pink-haired little girls name, but it would be cool if she was sitting on Kenpachi's shoulder all the time as one model, oh, and she is very small, shes like an 8 years old or something xD):

Thats probably all i need for the moment. If i need other characters i will post their pictures too.

I will give credits!!
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