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Bleach Characters

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I am currently making a hero arena map and I have many custom model characters. However I am in need of models from the Anime series Bleach, or even just a blp icon, would do. I have already seen models for some of the characters in bleach in a few Korean programmed maps but i have found no websites that contain the models. Unfortunately my computer is mac so i don't know of any frozen throne modeling programs for a mac, can some please do either:

Any one of these will be fine

-Put a link to a website with the models from bleach to download

-Show me where to download a modeling program for macs and i'll make the hive some model for everyone

-Make a blp picture of these characters




Any of these would be appreciated and if any are are made they can be donated to the hive for everyone to use and to give credit for.

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Aug 18, 2007
yea, ive been working on translating the popular korean map Fight of Characters fully into english, however when i save my english changes to the map, all the models that were already in the map are deleted. plus, there arent any import files in the import editor (not sure how they did that), so i cant export the models from the map beforehand. ive been searching that first website you posted for a while and its all in some asian language that i can understand :sad: and i still cant find any bleach models. so if you could maybe post a specific thread if you know any for me, that would be an amazing help :D
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