Blademaster Battle v0.7b

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
In Blademaster Battle you will play in one of two teams: Green and Red. Upon startup you will be able to vote for CTF, DM, or Team Elimination mode aswell as the score required to win. The objective of CTF is to capture the enemy's flag and bring it back to yours to score. In Death Match you simply have to kill enemy blademasters to give your team points. In Team Elimination you score by killing all of the enemy blademasters, and you will not revive until either team does so.

The gameplay in Blademaster Battle is very different from that of melee wc3 and other custom maps. Every attack must be manually aimed, which makes staying mobile a key factor to success. A feature that is often overlooked by "newbs", other than moving around, is blocking. When you use your block ability every incoming attack IN FRONT OF YOU will be repelled. Attackers will be thrown back and stunned, projectiles will be reflected back, often harming its thrower.

When you kill an enemy blademaster you will gain a "mojo point"(mana). These are used to trigger powerful customizable special abilities. Be careful though, because when you die all your mojo will disappear.

Blademaster Battle v0.7b (Map)

Gilles: Very well made map. The terrain could use some work, but the gameplay and system are both amazing. I reccomend this map. -Approved-




Gilles: Very well made map. The terrain could use some work, but the gameplay and system are both amazing. I reccomend this map.
Level 9
Jul 27, 2006
The map seems to be fairly well done, the ideas although not too original do have potential and are fairly well thought out.

I could only really find 3 basic errors in my short single player test,

1. The terrain in does very little for the style of gameplay this map should be aiming for. You need to add a series of levels in bases or some other kind of significant strategic defensive point. The trees in the middle should involve some kind of maze that allows players to ambush or flee from enemies. The walls in the base are not at all appealing and do not flow into the other areas well.

2. The map was protected and therefor I could no search the map for leaks or wasteful process consuming code.

3. The entire map was visible. Which put quite simply ruins the gameplay. Being able to see everything means that there is that bit less skill involved. There can be no ambushes or cleaver teamwork since your opponent knows your every move. A large sight radius would work a lot better than revealing the whole map. Also please remove the camera settings... They are quite unnecessary.

All the above are helpful criticisms that you do not need to listen to, however if you do I think this map will turn out rather well and may even be a hit ( as a fun game I'm afraid, nothing spectacular but defiantly worth playing ).

I believe this map should be approved, however I have not checked triggering or multiplayer compatibility due to the fact that the map is protected and I would like to see a few changes before playing it online.

Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing a few changes for the better.
Level 27
Jan 26, 2007
Nice map, but I also have a few remarks...

>Single Player:

+ Special Ability-system seems to be nice
+ Nice attack and block
+ Good Game-modes (although not original)
+ Quests are really usefull to learn the basics
+ Hotkeys work (seems like a detail, but it's very important for a good map)
- (see Kixer) Terrain lacks doodads to use a strategy
- (see Kixer) The Always Visible map is a bit annoying and for me the "Realistic Camera" is the best in this type of game, then you can really use strategies (e.g. Ambush), teamwork (e.g. Backup)
- Description can be better


I haven't played this map on yet (I hope I can try soon)