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BlackTemplar - Gunman

Inquisition - Order of the Black Templars - Gunners Bundle

Base model: Rifleman by @Asssssvi
Huge thanks to him for letting me edit his model !

Added Elite variant !

Small animations tweaks
Added gutz to the models
Also I want to thank my friend @Villagerino for helping me with animations edits !

Elite Gunman (Model)

Gunman (Model)

Gunman Icon (Icon)

General Frank
A very well made pair of rifleman soldiers. Nice use of custom textures and good geometry.



Model Reviewer
Level 26
May 8, 2012
I've just checked the model and I don t see the gutz showing in any other animation and also after the unit dies I have nt seen anything weird, does it have to become invisible during the decay animation?
If you check in-game models that have Decay Bone animations, their 'gutz' disappear at the last second before the decay animation ends. So by the end of that animation, there is nothing visible of the model.