Black Citadel

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Black Citadel

-Important info-
  • Goldmines:4
  • Other buildings
    • Taverns:2
    • Goblin Merchants:2
    • Fount of health:1
  • Easy creep camps: 4
  • Medium creep camps: 8
  • Hard creep camps:1
  • Tileset:Black Citadel

-Map Description-
An Altered Melee map differance is that instead of orcs there will be fel orcs
Whole race is replaced but nothing else
The AI will Play Normal as if there were no changes,Most of the units are replaced including Taurens and Trolls and heros but same spells(for now)the Fel units wont have chaos damage becouse of gameplay balance.

Tactics for this map is plain simple as it is mostly played 2v2 try to pick color so you and your ally will be near each other than as usual build base and kill nearby creeps be sure to do it faster than opponent as they wont get creep exp & items than rush mid and kill strong creeps there which drop very good items each of them!
and just go and kill opponents End Game! .


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Altered Melee,Melee,Black Citadel,Fel Orcs.

Black Citadel (Map)

13:35, 11th Jun 2013 Orcnet: Please improve more about altered melee specs and also abgm's review:




13:35, 11th Jun 2013
Orcnet: Please improve more about altered melee specs and also abgm's review:
abgm;2358359 said:
With all respect and companionship
im surprised, by seeing this

because you were at two steps of making this melee approved, and you have two simple ways
-reduce the numer of players to 2 vs player map
- or the best for me i think: you have 4 mobs defending nothing, if you put the gold mines there, done, map approved

the principal problem of your map was, as melee, it hasnt expanding gold mines options, and in melee thats almost death sentence, even my experimental map the ship of doom has goldmines to expand.

the other problem are the mobs in the center but that isnt dificult to fix

i think a map should be approved as melee first , and later, upgrade to altered melee. thats why is very common, in altered melee, use blizzard maps.

as melee, it was rejected
and as alterd melee, you only worked in the orc race, and not all units, in general in altered melee, is usual to change the 4 races
with the undead is very easy to change the models and make a fel race

so no melee aproved, orcs changed but not all units, skills the same, no AI scriptig touched...
this one has future as a melee increasing the goldmines and improving the creeps of the center, but as an altered melee, in dont see it.

i hope my comments helps you to improve